Leaders are vital to creating positive growth to help the community. Communities need leaders to support and invigorate their projects and growth. To find yourself leading your community in projects or volunteering. Here are some easy tips to help you grow:

Create Guidelines or Ground Rules in the Beginning

Garen Armstrong believes strongly in developing a team mindset-one that requires everyone’s “all-in” involvement for the greater good. To create a team mindset, everyone has to have the same parameters to work with in order to thrive. This will help your team understand the logic in your decision-making and help address any controversy or problems that arise. Find a way to get everyone involved in creating the guidelines to choose the best fit for your team and leave space for them to bring in their thoughts so they feel more involved in the process.

Good Leaders:

  • Create positive tones, even when conflict arises.
  • Challenge concerns with solutions.
  • Leave space for others to feel involved.
  • Be inclusive and respect different opinions and value their perspectives.
  • Work for the greater good.
  • Look forward to the future, and don’t dwell on the past. You’re going forward.

Show Up

When you’re leading a team, in order to build trust you have to show that you are a part of the team. You must be present and ready to show up and help in order for your team to trust you to follow through with your promises. Show up and they will know you’re available and willing to help. This will lead to a newfound dedication to your projects ensuring success in your current and future endeavors.

Set Goals and Work Towards Them

As a leader, your role is to keep your team on track and focused on their goal. Having defined benchmarks to help them see the goal will keep them moving forward. Create benchmarks along the way so they can have small victories while heading toward the main achievement. 

Create discussions around these goals to get your team motivated and involved in the project. So they feel a part of the accomplishments.

Support your People and Find new Volunteers

Continue to ask your team about what gets them excited then harness that to get them engaged and find a role they’ll excel in. Use these passions to benefit your projects, for instance, if their passion is encouraging others, use that to accelerate the process. When your team is happy, they will share their enthusiasm with those around them. The more helping hands you have the faster you’ll get things accomplished. Reach out to the community and generate energy around the project so that people want to get involved to feel the accomplishment of a job well done. People like to feel a part of something so get them involved.

Exercise Patience

Leaders are naturally ambitious, so this is the difficult part. When leading to help community growth it does take time. Unfortunately, it’s not a science, but it can become an art. When problems arise you must try to overcome them. This is the best way to create positive growth in your community.