Empowering Communities Through Philanthropy

Empowering Communities Through Philanthropy

Shamrock Roofing, led by Garen Armstrong, is deeply committed to philanthropy, focusing on supporting various community initiatives. The company's notable programs include "Cars4Heroes," providing vehicles to veterans and first responders, and supporting the American Heart Association for heart health awareness. In addition, they collaborate with the Donate Life Foundation. These activities reflect Shamrock Roofing's dedication to enriching lives and strengthening communities through generous support and active involvement in vital causes.


This initiative is dedicated to providing vehicles to veterans and first responders, acknowledging their service and sacrifices. By offering transportation solutions, Cars4Heros aims to ease the daily challenges faced by these heroes, significantly improving their quality of life.
American Heart Association

Armstrong serves as the Chair for its 100th anniversary, supporting the organization's mission to raise awareness and funds for heart health initiatives. The efforts contribute to research, education, and support for those affected by heart-related health issues, promoting healthier lives and communities.
Community Scholarship

Put Unity in Community Scholarship is an initiative that awards a $1,000 scholarship to support education. This scholarship is part of the Shamrock brand's commitment to community growth and educational advancement. The scholarship is awarded annually for the Fall semester, reinforcing Garen's dedication to fostering opportunities for learning and development in the community.
Overall, Garen's commitment to these causes reflects his dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and the broader community.
Garen Armstrong
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